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Ready to start your Style
transformation journey?

As a woman in today's world, we can get overwhelmed with all the expectations of who we should be. Time to focus on what makes you happy. The first step is to learn how to dress for the life you want.


Save money learning how to maximize the wardrobe you have and tools to create a wardrobe constructively.


Become the best version of yourself. Learn how to transform your life and confidence with one easy switch every time you get dressed.


Have support and accountability. Have a safe place to where I will support you as you step into the life of your dreams. 

My commitment to YOU

Rediscover Your Wardrobe, Redefine Your Style

Welcome to the EPIC Style Makeover, your gateway to transforming your wardrobe from the comfort of your home. This one-on-one virtual Closet Cleanse is meticulously designed to align your personal style with the treasures already in your wardrobe. Join us for a journey that not only redefines your look but also reinvigorates your relationship with your closet.



Discover Your True Style: Together, we'll uncover your unique style personality. Whether you're seeking a professional upgrade, a casual refresh, or a complete style overhaul, this session helps pinpoint exactly what your style goals are.

The Art of Sorting:

We'll dive into your current wardrobe, assessing each item. This step is crucial for identifying what truly resonates with your style and what doesn't. It’s a process of discovery, sorting through the old to make room for the new.





Re-Style to Align with Your Goals

Once we've defined your style and sorted your clothes, the real fun begins. We'll explore ways to re-style your existing pieces to better align with your new style vision, ensuring your wardrobe truly reflects who you are and who you aspire to be.

  • Virtual Closet Cleanse Session: A focused, one-on-one virtual session to transform your closet and your style.

  • Three EPIC Workbooks: Receive our exclusive workbooks - 'EPIC Body Bible,' 'Color Confidence,' and 'Style Transformation Workbook' - designed to enhance your style journey and maintain your new look.

  • 45-Minute Post-Cleanse Texting Shopping Session: As a bonus, you'll get a 45-minute texting shopping session with our style expert post-closet cleanse, perfect for any on-the-go style queries or quick shopping decisions.



I want to learn how to
Dress for the life I want


What people say

As a New Yorker I live in dull and dark colors. Heather showed me how to use color and textures to highlight my best features.


Discover Your Style with
Heather Rae Mitchell

Embark on a unique journey of self-care through fashion with Heather Rae Mitchell. She's not just a stylist; she's a mood magician, transforming your day with the power of a good outfit. Heather believes in the immediate, uplifting power of dressing well, guiding women to embrace their bodies and express their inner beauty outwardly. Join her to rediscover joy and confidence in your wardrobe, and dress for the life you've always wanted. With Heather, every outfit is a step towards loving yourself more.

I am ready for my EPIC Style Transformation

Join us for the EPIC Style Makeover and start your journey towards a wardrobe that not only looks great but feels uniquely you. This is more than just a closet cleanse; it's a stepping stone to the confident, stylish person you're meant to be.

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