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Style extends beyond the clothes in your closet. Style lives outside the box of conventional fashion norms. It’s entirely up to you. Defining your style is a journey we can embark on together. Never underestimate the power of dressing for the life you want.

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Define Your Body Shape Worksheet
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Ever feel like you don't know what to wear?

Need outfit inspiration and EPIC style tips?

Meet your new Closet Confidante.

Get customized styles and advice sent straight to your phone!

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to +1 (949)-577-7977

Epic Body Bible

Epic Style Society

1:1 closet cleanse

Join the society & learn how to

dress for the life you want!


Custom style guides every month

Consultations from a professional stylist

Seasonal closet cleanses

Access to our exclusive FB group

Your own EPIC Body Bible

and so much more!

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Ready to dress for the life you want?

Book a one-on-one closet cleanse with Heather to sort, shop, and style your way to an EPIC closet that makes you feel like your best self.

Your closet reflects your life. Make sure it's the best version of you.

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