If you took the leap and signed up for the 1:1 Close Cleanse here is what to expect

Frequently asked questions

What happens after I make my purchase of the 1:1 Closet Cleanse?

You will receive an email after payment is processed confirming time and date along with a link for a Zoom meeting.

What is Zoom?

Zoom is video conferecing and how we will interact together! If you have used Zoom before just click into the link and the meeting will auto load, if you have not used Zoom please give yourself 10 minutes before our meeting to make sure you are all set.

What will I need to do this close cleanse?

I highly recommend using your laptop or desktop if possible. You will want to use your phone for photos are we for the restyle for your memory.

What is a Closet Cleanse?

A 2-3 hour time where we discuss your goals, style, and lifestyle along with removal items that no longer serve your current life with a restyle for items that still work.

  • I will not tell you to throw anything away decisions to throw away is your own. I will make suggestions of items that do not fit your style profile goals, but I do understand that people have attachment to items.
  • It is imperative you do the prep- if you don’t the results you want and need is impossible to do in the time frame allotted for the cleanse.
  • There will be plenty of time for questions- writing them ahead of time is always suggested so we do not miss anything.

How do I prep for my Closet Cleanse?

I am so excited to be apart of the journey with you. There is some prep involved for the appointment to run seamlessly.

  • I need to get an idea of the style you are currently wearing verse the style you desire. A great place to start is to create a Pinterest board (which at appointment time you can share with me), or a magazine (make notes on any page- I want to see what attracts you)
  • This step requires some time and work. I highly recommend you do this a few days before and set aside a good hour.
  • Go-To Pieces: This is an item that no matter how you feel you always default too.
  • Pieces with Tags or items that are never worn
  • The Old styles (Not sure if it is expired or if it can be restyled)
  • Any items you have questions on that do not fall into the box
Note: This is inclusive of coats, jackets, blazers, shoes, and handbags of any kind Bouns: 7 days after our appointment You will get a personalized style layout from me. Outlining everything we spoke about, tricks and tips as reminders. As well as some recommendations for items to help build your wardrobe.

What does a 30 Minute Free Consultation entail?

Never worked with a stylist before, or have an upcoming event and feeling stuck? This call is designed for you. This is a time where you can speak about your goals and needs, and I lead you to the right path. Be prepared with questions or if you have a timeline expectation that is important for scheduling purposes.

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