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How to Set a Morning Routine Before You Get Dressed

What to Do Before You Get Dressed Morning Routine

Most of us go through life without pausing and being intentional about what choices we make and how we prep for our day.

However, what we choose to do each morning sets the tone for the day. I know that a lot of us juggle too many things, but even 5 minutes of self-care in the morning can have positive effects on your physical and mental health.

Come up with a routine that works for you and fits into your life. We all have different needs and goals that we are working towards, so design your routine to fit your life.

Morning thoughts are powerful because of what we choose to let into our mind each day. Let’s talk a little how you can set up your morning for success. Here are some tricks and tips to help you put your best foot forward each day, regardless of your weekly routine.

Set a Morning Mantra

What is a mantra? It is a statement or slogan that is repeated frequently.

There is no need for yelling and no need for making this a whole thing where your kids or partner need to leave. This can be just for you. It is a tool to align yourself for the day you have ahead.

Choose a sentence or affirmation to repeat to yourself every morning. Make sure it aligns with your goals or your dream life! Don't be afraid to dream big, and don't worry about it sounding cheesy - this is for your ears only.

Set an Intentional Morning Routine

Here are some ideas for adding intention into a mundane routine:

  • Hydrate your face: wash your face or splash cold water on your skin to wake your mind and muscles up!

  • Repeat your mantra as you brush your teeth: for those two minutes you are brushing, repeat a mantra to yourself, but feel it in your soul. You need to walk away from this feeling better than you did two minutes ago. So believe it and feel it.

  • Let your face dry naturally and repeat your mantra in the mirror for two minutes: if you are a person who needs to focus on one thing at a time, try this. Let your face dry naturally and during this time, look into the mirror and from deep within your soul (aloud or to yourself) repeat your mantra for two minutes.

Once you've taken a moment for yourself and your mantra, here are some suggestions for making your AM routine efficient and purposeful:

  • Organize your closet by outfits: set items up by outfits, you can change the outfits each time you do laundry. This helps take the thought out of each day getting dressed. If you know you have busy day at the office but want to go to the gym afterwards, set those two outfits up in the same place for an easy grab-and-go morning.

  • Prepare an outfit that you can easily customize: whether it's a go-to dress with a blazer or a sweater-denim combo that you can easily dress up or down depending on your shoes, prepare an outfit that can change with a simple accessory switch. By doing this, you save time that would be wasted on changing an entire outfit because it's "too much" or "not dressed up enough".

  • Have two or three go-to items that can automatically "upgrade" a look: If you have last-minute plans but don't have time to change, keep an extra pair of heels in your car or a bold lip color in your purse that you can turn to when you need to elevate your look at a moment's notice.

  • Have a hair and makeup routine: enough said!

How to Organize Your Space for Success

  • Keep everything in one place: running around or rummaging through drawers causes anxiety and unneeded stress. Keep only what you need in an easy to access place. Store your makeup near your jewelry, or your shoes and purse by the door. Have a home for everything so you know where to go when you need it.

  • Consistency is KEY: when you get rid of all the extra clutter and extra steps, you will notice you have more time to breathe. Don't force a 5AM morning routine with 30 steps in it just because some influencer told you that's how they start their day. Find a simple and practical routine that works for YOU.

  • For ladies with kids: arrange your closet or drawers based off of needs (gym, play-dates, appointments, etc.). Having designated spaces for certain things makes it easier than running around the house to find something five minutes before you have to leave.

  • If you have a style that you feel confident and comfortable in, purchase two of them: Having an item that you feel good in helps make that morning stress go away when self-care time is limited. You can even get the same piece/outfit in different colors to switch it up a bit while keeping comfort first!

  • Prep for the week on Sunday: if you don't have time to cook during the week, shop and meal prep on Sunday. If you struggle with sticking to a skincare routine, set up your products in a noticeable place and wake up five minutes earlier. Being intentional with your space sets you up for success.

All of this is so much easier said than done, but you do not need to nail this down all at once. Take a moment and make small changes each week and before you know it, you will be creating so much self-love that your energy will sky-rocket. Take the time for yourself in the AM and watch how your day transforms.


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