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Heather Rae Mitchell's journey to the vision behind E.P.I.C. Lounge is a tale of resilience, discovery, and transformation. From a young age, Heather grappled with the feeling of not fitting in—whether with friends, body image, clothing, or career paths. Her unique appearance, characterized by curves, big curly hair, large blue eyes, and a quirky personality, often made her feel isolated and disconnected from those around her. These challenges were compounded by struggles with food issues, excessive exercising, body image concerns, anxiety, depression, and an overwhelming pressure she placed on herself. Despite her efforts, Heather often felt that she was just scraping by, never truly excelling but working tirelessly to achieve what felt like average results.

It wasn't until she discovered styling that Heather began to recognize her natural talent. For the first time, she felt a sense of purpose and skill that came effortlessly to her. However, this newfound passion was soon tested by self-doubt and a tumultuous, abusive relationship that would forever alter her path. Yet, it was through these profound challenges that Heather found her true strength and the ability to love herself exactly as she was.

Embarking on a healing journey, Heather turned to yoga, where she delved deep into the practice, not just as a form of physical exercise but as a means of healing the body and releasing trauma. This holistic approach to well-being helped her understand the vital connection between the body's internal state and its external expression. The realization that aligning one's inner self with one's outward life could be transformative became a cornerstone of her philosophy. Heather returned to styling with a renewed purpose, advocating that dressing for the life you want is the first step towards creating it.

E.P.I.C. Lounge was born from Heather's desire to offer a space where women could come to her at any stage in their journey, whether they're looking for a simple closet edit, seeking alignment in their morning routine, or needing guidance to break free from feeling stuck. It's a place where the internal and external self can harmonize, embodying Heather's belief in the power of personal transformation through self-care, style, and yoga. E.P.I.C. Lounge isn't just about fashion or fitness; it's about finding one's path to a fulfilled and authentic life, step by step, with Heather's journey as a living testament to the beauty of overcoming adversity and embracing one's true self.

Learning to Embrace my 


Heather's Workbooks

Dive into the vibrant world of Heather Rae Mitchell, where style isn't just about clothing; it's an ode to the curves, a love letter to boldness, and a dance in high-definition color. Heather has a penchant for pieces that embrace and celebrate every curve, asserting that the best outfit feels like a second skin, regardless of body shape. Her style mantra? Fitted dresses and vivacious colors that don't just catch the eye—they captivate the soul.

Regarding activewear, Heather has a loyal flame burning for Adidas. The blend of comfort and chic gets her heart racing, perfect for those moments of sweat, strength, and style. But let's not box our fashion-forward muse into just one corner of her expansive wardrobe. Fast fashion? Heather flirts with Old Navy, H&M, or Zara, finding those trendy gems that keep her look fresh and effortlessly on-point.



Yet, when the sun sets and the lights dim, Heather's heart belongs to the luxe embrace of high-end fashion. Givenchy, Dolce & Gabbana aren't just names to her; they're whispers of seduction, a rendezvous between fabric and finesse. It's a love affair with the extravagant, where every stitch and silhouette speaks volumes of timeless allure.

But here's the secret ingredient to Heather's intoxicating style potion—it's all about the fit and how it flirts with her natural colors. In Heather's world, clothing is more than fabric; it's armor, confidence, and the external expression of her vibrant essence. So, step into her universe, where fashion meets passion, and witness a style that's as unapologetically sexy as it is uniquely Heather.




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