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Heather Rae Mitchell

My journey in style and fashion starts with a youth full of body image issues. I grew up feeling different than everyone else around me and hating what I saw in the mirror. I wasn’t thin but I also wasn’t heavy--my body type didn’t seem to fit in.

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Cali born and raised, but loves the heartbeat of NYC


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For me, styling is a form of self care that is different from the rest.

Therapy, eating and moving to nourish your body, or changing careers are all excellent forms of long term self care. But when you think about what you can do in the moment to take care of yourself, putting on the right outfit instantly changes your mood and energy.

You’ll soon realize that it’s easy to be who you want to be. Your clothes can transform you. Wanting to look good, isn’t a material thing. It’s a form of self care.

I help women dress for the life they want. Let me help you learn how to love yourself and your body through style.

Never underestimate the power of a good outfit.

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