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Waist is clearly defined

Bust, shoulders & hips are similar

Waist is 8”+ from the hips

Note: your bust may be larger or smaller



Not sure what body shape you are?

Got the Spring Blues 

Dress to Impress: Tips for Hourglass Figures
✔️ Highlight Your Waist - Belted dresses and high-waisted skirts are your best friends. They emphasize your waist and enhance your natural curves.
✔️ Choose the Right Tops - Fitted tops that outline your silhouette or wrap styles that cinch at the waist showcase your proportions perfectly.
✔️ Opt for Tailored Pieces - Well-tailored clothing, such as structured jackets and fitted pants, align closely with your body’s contour, emphasizing your balanced figure.

Define Your Waist

This is a great fit for hourglass shapes; the catch you might have a smaller waist than the size you need to fit your hips. Get comfortable with alterations! All tops here have a draw into the waistlineWrapped in Elegance! Discover how the classic wrap dress perfectly cinches at the waist to highlight the symmetrical beauty of an hourglass figure. It’s more than just a dress; it’s a celebration of curves. Embrace your shape in style!

Hello Amazon Lovers

Are you on the hunt for fashion that celebrates your Hourglass body shape? Look no further! Heather Rae Mitchell, a renowned Personal Stylist, has teamed up with us to bring you exclusive style boards every month right here on Amazon. Discover outfits that not only inspire but also complement your unique silhouette perfectly. With Heather's expert picks, you'll find styles that enhance your beauty and boost your confidence. Take advantage of these monthly updates designed just for you. Let's transform your wardrobe and make fashion fun again. Shop now and let your Hourglass shape shine in style!


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