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Why YOUR Style is Timeless

The moment you decide you want to be the vision you see in your head is the moment you can determine your style.

Style is not about spending a fortune or being trendy. Style is about who you want the world to see and how you express yourself. It doesn’t require you to follow trends, to shop everyday - all it is about is finding clothing that fits with in your life. Your style enhances who you are, not to distract or take away from who you are at your core.

One thing so many new clients talk about is their guilt towards focusing on something “superficial”like fashion. Dressing ourselves is something we do daily, so why is dressing for the life you want the first thing you ignore in your self-care routine? Showing up as your best self is not “superficial”–it’s empowering and EPIC.

The beauty of getting dressed daily is YOU determine how you want to present yourself to the world. Some days we need to be bold and remind the world of our presence, while other days we need something subtle so we can focus only on ourselves.

Each version of YOU is necessary, but when you do not allow yourself to be comfortable and love how you look, it sends your brains mixed messages, causing so many people get stuck in a rut.

Take the time to love all the parts of yourself.

Need some help making the transition out of your daily routine? Check out how understanding your body shape is the first step.

If you want more guidance, book your STYLE THERAPY SESSION:I'll help you:

  • Dive Deep into your style and life goals to create a plan that aligns for your unique needs.

  • Learn your body shape and best features

  • Learn how to flatter your figure with clothing

  • Know how to shop online & choose the best pieces for your body

  • Define your unique style


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