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The Story Behind EPIC Lounge


I created EPIC Lounge to help you Dress For The Life You Want - because I learned it the hard way.

My journey in style and fashion starts with a youth full of body image issues. I grew up feeling different than everyone else around me and hating what I saw in the mirror.

I wasn’t thin but I also wasn’t heavy - my body type didn’t seem to fit in. I tried to tame the curly locks with an actual iron in a time before hair straighteners were popular. I had captivating blue eyes but was bullied bcause of my horrible vision. I was never good enough.

I felt out of place in my own skin and these issues followed me into adulthood. Diet after diet, I tried to conform to society’s mold of perfection or beauty and time after time I felt like a failure.

The way I viewed myself affected the way that I let others view me. In my friendships and romantic relationships, I put myself last.

The concepts of self-love and mental wellness were lost on me. I allowed

others to treat me the way that I felt: small and insignificant. I had a vague concept of who I wanted to be and no idea how to get there.

I moved to New York City with dreams of success and left broken and depressed. These toxic relationships had control of my life for 9 years. During my time in NYC, I struggled with severe depression and while now I can see the growth that came out of that period in my life, I also see how lost I was.


My grandmother saved my life.

When I moved to California to be near her, I discovered the power of living in the moment. I taught myself how to be present and I learned to love myself. A new door opened for me and I met people who enhanced my life rather than tear me down. I stopped caring what anyone thought of my and focused on my own opinion. Instead of just going through the motions, I lived my life and I lived it for me. I woke up.

This shift in my life led me to discover my passion. I not only loved shopping but I was good at it. Despite my lack of confidence back then, I was always one to dress more adventurously in high school and my friends from college considered me their personal stylist. Styling empowered me and now allows me to help other women feel empowered.


For me, styling is a form of self-care that is different from the rest. Therapy, eating and moving to nourish your body, or changing careers are all excellent forms of long-term self-care.

But when you think about what you can do in the moment to take care of yourself, putting on the right outfit instantly changes your mood and energy.

You’ll soon realize that it’s easy to be who you want to be. Your clothes can transform you. Wanting to look good isn’t a material thing. It’s a form of self-care.

I help women dress for the life they want. Let me help you learn how to love yourself and your body through style.

Never underestimate the power of a good outfit.


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