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Do you have a work uniform?

Did you know that wearing clothes that don’t fit your personality can hinder your work-life progress?

I know what you’re thinking: how can something as superficial as fashion slow down my career or affect my happiness?

Here is how:

  1. When we dress in uncomfortable clothing or clothing that doesn’t align with who we are, our mental performance decreases. We feel insecure, uneasy, or restless. Your clothing can break your focus and confidence if you let it.

  2. It doesn’t matter what your style is–when you wear something that makes you feel uncomfortable, it takes attention away from the work you want to accomplish and moments you want to enjoy. Have you ever worn a too-tight outfit that kept you from feeling comfortable? Is there a piece in your closet that you dread wearing because you have to keep adjusting or pulling at it?

  3. When we look good, we feel good–both physically and mentally. This means that when you wear clothes that does not accentuate your inner badass, you will feel diminished, making it harder to be a star in your own life.

Now that we have determined what a drab daily uniform can do to your mindset, let’s switch focus and discuss the steps you can take to develop a style that works for any life phase you are in. Let’s get started on dressing for the life you want!

Step One: Establish Work Requirements for a Dress Code

If you work from home, are a stay-at-home mother, or a busy businesswoman, be sure to determine the functionality of your wardrobe.

For the Corporate Ladies (Finance, Law, etc.)

Since this is a male-dominated industry and you want to be taken seriously for your brain (and not your body), the goal is to dress like a woman that commands respect. Get rid of the dark grey suits and throw in some texture, patterns, and colors. The office may be old, stuffy, and traditional, but you can bring new energy to the office through your confidence and your closet.

For the Stay-At-Home Moms

We’re all about quick and practical fashion –you want sustainable items that withstand messes and lots of movement. Just because you’re a mother doesn’t mean you lose your personality, wants, and desires! It is important to love how you feel. Your energy, whether confident or frustrated, will be absorbed by your children.

For the Creative Entrepreneurs (Fashion, Social Media, etc.)

Working in a creative industry allows you to be 100% comfortable and express yourself–both in your work and in your style. When a company allows for authentic self-expression, they guarantee increased creativity and productivity.

Not sure how you want to define your style?

For the Fitness, Medical, and Wellness Junkies

Uniforms are sometimes necessary for health-related jobs, but it’s important to remove those uniforms in your private life. Allow yourself to express your personality through your style when you’re off the clock.

Even if you’re in scrubs for 12-hour shifts or workout clothes for back-to-back clients at the gym, live through your undergarments. They’re the first thing to touch your skin and should be comfortable and unique to you. Wear undergarments that make you feel confident during long days and hectic schedules –a simple touch of you that allows you to align your clothing with your emotions.


It is totally okay and necessary to get creative with your wardrobe even with a dress code or uniform. Let the things you wear every day set a positive tone for your work, your career, and your life.


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