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Age Has Nothing To Do With Style

One thing that has always plagued me about age is the mistake that people think their style has to fade with age. Some people think: Now that I’m older and have a family and children (or even grandchildren!), I’m just going to fade into the background of it all –I shouldn’t be “stylish” anymore.

What you choose to put on your body helps you accomplish what you want in your life, regardless of your age.

When you learn to dress for function and practicality, that is when you are going to feel comfortable no matter what age you’re at. The beauty of being older is that you have more experience in life to know what you want out of your clothing.

Age is just a number, honestly. People that tell you to “dress your age” do not know what you want in life and don’t understand that fashion is timeless and age-less.It’s completely okay to like the outfit of a twenty-something when you’re in your forties, and it’s more than okay to take that “young” style and make it work for your body shape and make it practical for your life.

The reason we typically dress a little bit more functional when we’re older is because we wear many different hats –many of us work full-time, have children, travel often, or have a billion other obligations. Because we’re superwomen, we opt for clothes that are more functional than the “trendier” items we wore in our twenties or as teenagers.

The trick is to find your personal balance –you want to feel comfortable AND confident in every moment of your life.

So how do you do that?

How to Define Your Style for Your Age

Let’s forget dressing “for your age” and actually look at what you need from your fashion. What is the functionality of what you’re putting on your body?

As women, we all want to feel confident and desirable at any age –the problem is that most of us aren’t comfortable with dressing confidently or we don’t understand how to dress for our body as it changes.

At a mature age, our bodies have naturally changed several times. We’ve gone through puberty to our young adult phase, from our twenties to our thirties, and maybe had a child (or two, or more!). Your body, your diet, and your routine has changed –as it should! Therefore, what you choose to put on your body and what you feel comfortable in is going to change–not because you need to “dress older”, but because you are older and more beautiful for it.

Function > Age

Let’s switch our mindset from age to function.

If you’re a new mother, chances are your body is no longer what it was pre-baby and you’re feeling a bit insecure and unsure of how to dress for your new body shape.

If you’re a working mom, chances are you just want clothes that can last a full workday, two grocery runs, and cooking for the family.

Wherever you are in life, you need a closet that keeps up with your lifestyle but makes you feel like the confident women you deserve to be. Learning how to work with a new body shape can be challenging for people as they age.

For the new or current moms: Having clothing that stains or wrinkles easily is pointless for you –you’ll want items that are simple, easy to match, and (most importantly) easy to wash.

For the mature ladies (maybe in your 50s or 60s): You’re probably going through hormonal changes and want to be a bit more cautious about the materials that you’re putting on your body.

We all poke fun at the classic mom jeans, but mom jeans are timeless and super functional. They’re high-waisted, so you stay tucked in all day and don’t have to worry about tugging or pulling at your jeans–instead of focusing on your clothes, you can spend your energy on other places.

Finding good pieces that function really well for whatever place you are in life is extremely important.


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