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So you're wondering,

what is EPIC


It's completely unique to you.

Just as one box, one style, one closet, one personality doesn’t work for everyone, one edgy does not fit all. Your edgy is how you define yourself. 

Who are you? What sets your soul on fire? What do you do in your spare time? What fuels your creative energy? These answers are elements of your edgy and make up who you are as a person.

Define your edgy. Be you. Trust yourself—that confidence is going to look good with whatever you decide to wear.


Staying in motion is the key.

Waiting for outside forces to keep you moving forward isn’t going to get your anywhere. The strength comes from you. YOU have to keep yourself going. Continuing to progress toward your destination—especially when it’s hard—is a component of building your EPIC you. Regardless of your destination, regardless of the speed, staying in motion is the key.

Empower yourself. Empower your progression. Empower your life.

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You don't need fame and fortune to become it.

Think beyond your style, what’s the legacy you’ll leave behind? Awesome mom? Badass girlboss? Master painter? On-point stylist? Gourmet chef?Think about how you want to be remembered and show up as her every day. Ever hear that phrase “fake it til’ ya make it?” It applies right here right now.

You know that legacy you want to leave behind and it’s important to start showing up as if it’s already
yours. Embrace the woman you want to be.

The world is yours. Leave that legacy behind. Be iconic.


Start small, build up.

Confidence is something we all desire. But how many of us actually walk around with our shoulders back, head held high, with zero cares in the world about what other people think? Once you’ve found your edgy, kept progressing even when it was difficult and uncover what makes you iconic, you can use all of these elements to fuel your confidence.

Dress for the life you want with confidence. Be brave. Confidence is sexy.

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