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Epic Style Society


Ready to define your EPIC style?

Are you tired of chasing trends? Overwhelmed by expectations of what everyone says we should be? 


It’s time to stop living for others and learn to love your own style.


So, before you get dressed, let’s learn how to make your closet reflect who you want to be and DRESS FOR THE LIFE YOU WANT!

Meet Your Closet Confidante

It’s time to define your style and dress for the life you want.

What to Expect From EPIC Style Society



Let me get to know you! I need to get to know who you are, why you shop like you do, and then why do you match items the way that you do. From here, I’ll help you develop your style to match your vibe + body shape. After we define your style and clear your closet, I’ll be a message away to help you navigate new outfits and teach you how to make your favorite pieces work for your body shape.



Time to get real on who you want to be. Let’s define the EPIC person you want to be when you get dressed daily, and let’s be intentional about what you choose to wear. I’ll help you find outfit inspiration that suits your body shape, styles that reflect your personality and taste, and pieces that empower you.



Time to play with your wardrobe! During your quarterly Closet Cleanse, we will remove the items that no longer serve you, develop styles to maximize your wardrobe, and teach you how to build your wardrobe properly. As an added BONUS you will receive a custom style guide so you can make sure to maintain your wardrobe and dress for the life you want.

You’ll also get 15% off any one-on-one closet cleanse booked with me!

Raving Reviews

As a New Yorker, I live in dull and dark colors. Heather showed me how to use color and textures to highlight my best features.

Plans & Pricing

Monthly Option  |   $50 per month
Annual Option  |   $525 per year
Save $75! Includes 4 Closet Cleanses

About Heather

For me, styling is a form of self-care that is different from the rest.

Therapy, eating and moving to nourish your body, or changing careers are all excellent forms of long term self-care. But when you think about what you can do in the moment to take care of yourself, putting on the right outfit instantly changes your mood and energy.

You’ll soon realize that it’s easy to be who you want to be. Your clothes can transform you. Wanting to look good isn’t a material thing. It’s a form of self-care.

I help women dress for the life they want. Let me help you learn how to love yourself and your body through style.

Never underestimate the power of a good outfit.


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